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Eleanor Thorne
13 August 2009 @ 04:03 am
Rupert and Julia Thorne were two very different people.

In retrospect, it had been something of a miracle that they had managed to keep their marriage together for as long as they had…especially when one considered that their union had been falling apart before they had even exchanged their vows. Rupert had assumed (wrongly, but still) that his bride-to-be was merely stressed over the wedding arrangements and that once things were said and done she would return to being the charming, vivacious woman he had proposed to.

She didn’t.

They argued, often, about everything and nothing. Julie was spoiled and demanding and Rupert was not much better. Still, divorce was the last thing either of them had wanted. Instead they turned to marriage counseling…self help books…and when those failed, they tried to pretend that their relationship wasn’t as broken and twisted as it was.

Eleanor had been born from weeds like a wild flower.Collapse )
Eleanor Thorne
(You should not return to the past to revive an old relationship)

It was dinnertime at the Thorne penthouse. Boxes of Chinese take-out were set up on the counter and Rupert sat across from his daughter at the table. The television was on in the other room and Eleanor could hear bits and pieces of the evening news if she strained her ears to listen. Using her chopsticks, she brought a bit of shrimp and mango to her mouth and she listened to her father’s half of the phone-call he was currently having.

“You’re killing me, Gil,” Rupert insisted as he took a bite of fried rice. He leaned back in his chair and dabbed the corner of his mouth with his napkin. “Fifteen percent.”

Gil. Eleanor knew the name;Collapse )
Eleanor Thorne
21 July 2009 @ 11:51 pm
Eleanor was quiet as they left the Falcone Estate. She was still upset with Alberto, even as he politely opened the car door for her and shut it once she was inside. The Thorne family had been insulted, she had been spurned, and her pride would simply not allow her to remain in the Falcone son’s company for any longer than she needed to. In retrospect, the brunette supposed that she should have expected for the evening to go downhill – it wasn’t as if any of the various criminal underworld families could get along civilly for too long.

She decided to take the night as a learning experience.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the Jaguar pulled into the complex where the Thorne family resided in their top-floor penthouse. Alberto reached across her to open her door without getting out of the car himself and Eleanor stepped out after unbuckling her seatbelt.

'Goodnight, Miss Thorne,' Alberto told her.Collapse )
Eleanor Thorne
15 July 2009 @ 08:43 pm
(I’ll wait)

He left before dinner was finished. His pager had gone off and Eleanor knew that it was business calling when he pursed his lips at her from across the table and sighed. Suddenly, she wasn’t hungry for the sushi she and her boyfriend had just ordered. She crossed her arms over her chest when he stood and bit at the inside of her cheek.

“It’s the rules, babe, you know I’ve gotta go.” Eddie told her. He cupped her face in his hands and lifted it so he could see eye-to-eye with her.

“I know,” Eleanor said after a moment of cold silence.

And she did know.Collapse )