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21 July 2009 @ 11:51 pm
[fic] Getting away with it.  
Eleanor was quiet as they left the Falcone Estate. She was still upset with Alberto, even as he politely opened the car door for her and shut it once she was inside. The Thorne family had been insulted, she had been spurned, and her pride would simply not allow her to remain in the Falcone son’s company for any longer than she needed to. In retrospect, the brunette supposed that she should have expected for the evening to go downhill – it wasn’t as if any of the various criminal underworld families could get along civilly for too long.

She decided to take the night as a learning experience.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the Jaguar pulled into the complex where the Thorne family resided in their top-floor penthouse. Alberto reached across her to open her door without getting out of the car himself and Eleanor stepped out after unbuckling her seatbelt.

“Goodnight, Miss Thorne,” Alberto told her.

“Goodnight.” She shut the car door and headed into the complex.

The doorman held the door open, tipping his hat to her. “Miss Eleanor. Mister White is looking for you.”

Jason White had been hired by Rupert Thorne to shadow Eleanor and serve as her protection. If he was looking for her…Well, that meant that he knew that she hadn’t turned in for the night. It was definitely not a scenario that she wanted to come home to.

She nodded her thanks to the doorman and headed for the elevator. Her walk was brisk and she was beginning to become nervous. What if Jason had called Eddie? Or worse, what if Jason had called her father?

The elevator seemed to move incredibly slowly. Eleanor removed a compact mirror from her purse and checked on her reflection. She smoothed her hair and straightened her top. The elevator chimed when it reached the top floor and Eleanor breathed deeply before stepping out.

There you are.” Jason was waiting for her.

The bodyguard crossed to her, relief obvious on his face. “If something had happened to you…Where were you?”

“That isn’t important. You…You didn’t tell Daddy or Eddie, did you?” That was important.

“I’m not an idiot. Of course I haven’t told them. I wasn’t going to upset your father only to have you show up five minutes later.”

He was right. If Rupert Thorne ever found out that his daughter was missing from her bed it would be Jason’s head. That sense of self-preservation meant that her father and boyfriend would never have to know that she had been out.

Eleanor removed her pumps and combed her fingers through her hair. “Good. I’ll make it worth your while, Jay.”

Jason smiled and inclined his head, “Thank you, Miss Thorne.”

“Of course, I think…I think I’m going to turn in for the night, Jay.”

The bodyguard was understandably suspicious. “Nothing funny this time, Miss Thorne. Or I will tell your father. You’re not about to pull another fast one on me.”

The brunette offered her most innocent face. “I would never. Goodnight, Jay.”

“Sleep well, Miss Thorne.”

She had gotten away with it.


It was half past four when Edward Morgan came home. He slid a hand down his girlfriend’s side and kissed her temple. His face was rough with stubble. “Babe…”

“Mmm,” Eleanor replied, shifting towards his touch and cracking her eyes open.

“M’home…” He nudged her chin up and scattered a few kisses into her neck.

A smile arched on her mouth and she reached out to tangle her fingers in his hair. “Welcome home…”

He nipped at her neck, gently and paused for a moment. His attention became slower, more thoughtful, and his brow furrowed.


“You smell like cigarettes,” he murmured.

Eleanor chuckled. “I smoke…”

“Not kreteks…” Edward Morgan pulled from the Thorne heiress before leaning in to kiss up her jawline and to her mouth. “…Brandy. And that’s not my cologne.”

Oh no. No.

The mobster pulled from her, completely then. His face was contorted into an angry glare. “Who the fuck have you had up here, Eleanor?”


Don’t! Don’t you fucking lie to me!”

“I haven’t had anybody up here, Eddie!”

He snorted. “Who’d you go see then, huh?”


“Bullshit!” He pointed an accusing finger at her. His face was practically red with rage. “Bullshit, Eleanor! Y’know what? Fine. You don’t got to tell me.” He moved away from the bed and grabbed his shoes and jacket. “Call me when you feel like telling me the goddamn truth, whore.”

Her eyes flashed. “Don’t you dare, Eddie! Don’t ever talk to me that way!”

He raised his hand to her, as if he were contemplating slapping her. He thought better of the idea and dropped his hand to his side. “You better thank your lucky stars you’re the boss’s daughter.”

Eddie shook his head and left. The door slammed behind him and Eleanor was left staring after him.

She let her head fall into her hands. “Shit…”

Maybe she hadn’t gotten away with it after all.