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There's a She Wolf in the Closet

open up and set her free

Eleanor Thorne
17 January
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Eleanor Thorne
Eleanor I miss you
Eleanor be well
Eleanor I wish you
Release me from your spell
Mob Rules
Eleanor Thorne is the twenty-four year old daughter of mobster-bought politician Rupert Thorne. Born and raised in a Gotham City penthouse, Eleanor attended a prestigious private school and wanted for nothing as she grew up. After graduating from high school, Eleanor was sent away to an esteemed university where she earned her degree in Economics before returning to Gotham to stay. Although Rupert has gone to great lengths to keep his daughter away from his darker dealings, she is by no means clueless about the nature of her father’s business and she has a very strong sense of family loyalty. Eleanor is almost always in the company of at least one of her father’s bodyguards and was involved in a romantic relationship with Edward “Eddie” Morgan - a higher-up thug - before she caught the interest of the youngest Falcone boy.
Eleanor Thorne is an original character. I am not really Eleanor, nor am I Andi Muise (her PB). This journal may contain references to violence, sex, and drugs; some imagery may be disturbing.

Batman and Rupert Thorne are the property of DC comics. All Andi Muise icons are credited and the userinfo banner was made by starboard at InsaneJournal. No money is being made from this journal.
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